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  • Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.

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    Lu'an Jietonda Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase II Project Phased Completion Environmental Protection Acceptance Public Notice

    Time: 2019-04-01

    According to the "Decision of the State Council on Amending the" Regulations on the Environmental Protection Management of the Completion of Construction Projects "" (State Council Order No. 682) and the Announcement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the Issuance of the "Interim Measures for the Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects" 2017] No. 4), the environmental protection acceptance contents (including monitoring reports and acceptance opinions) of the second phase (phased) completion of Lu'an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. are now publicized as follows:

    Project name: Lu'an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase II (phased) completion of environmental protection acceptance

    Construction site: Lu'an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase II project is located on Anfeng Road, Chengbei Industrial Park, Jin'an District, on the east side of Phase I project.

    Construction unit: Lu'an Jietongda New Material Co., Ltd.

    Construction content: The scope of this acceptance includes a crushed and mixed packaging workshop with a construction area of ??1800m2, including three sets of crushing production lines and a set of mixed packaging lines; a liquid raw material warehouse, a building area of ??720m2, and a solid raw material warehouse. , A building area of ??720m2; a comprehensive building with a building area of ??3984m2; supporting pollution prevention facilities.

    EIA design crushing and mixing packaging workshop is equipped with 5 sets of crushers and 3 sets of mixers. At present, there are actually 3 sets of shredders and 1 set of mixers. The fire storage pool is built at the reserved warehouse location designed by the EIA, and the reserved warehouse will no longer be built. The dormitory building designed and constructed by the EIA is not yet built and is not within the scope of this acceptance. This acceptance is a staged acceptance.

    Public announcement time: April 1, 2019 to April 26, 2019 (20 working days)

    Contact: Weng Shibing

    Contact phone: 18056405879

    Email: wsb@jietondachem.com

    During the publicity period, if you have any objections to the above publicity content, please provide written feedback. Individuals must sign their real names and the unit must affix their official seals.

    Attachment 2 Opinions on Stage Completion and Acceptance of Jietongda Phase II Project.pdf--Click to view

    Attachment 1 Lu'an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase II Environmental Protection Acceptance Report.pdf--Click to view

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