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  • Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.



    Matting agent for Polyester/TGIC powder coatings

    Jietonda® SA2068 is a matting hardener with TGIC as co-reactant, which can provide low-gloss of ca.10% (60°), good impact and exceptional flow properties for exterior durable PES/TGIC powder coatings. It may also be used in both epoxy and epoxy/polyester hybrid powder coating with low-gloss finish.

    1. Typical properties

    Very fine pale yellow powder
    Chemical equivalent weight (g/eq)

    Herein described to be typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

    2. Characteristics
      ● Can provides low gloss of ca.10% (60°), exceptional flow and good mechanical properties such as direct impact for PES/TGIC based exterior durable powder coatings.
      ● Curing @ 200℃(metal temperature) are required for both better flow and impact properties.

    3. Use method & levels
      ● Premix SA2068 with other components of the formula before extrusion.
      ● The use level is 1-5% by total weight of formulation, depends on the gloss required.
      ● Ca. 1.1-1.2 parts of TGIC per weight part of SA2068 based on their chemical equivalent weights. Varying their total concentrations of in the formulation can control different gloss levels of coating when both ratios were retained at above fixedness.

    4. Package & Storage
      ● Packaging with PE lined Kraft paper bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.
      ● Store in temperature between 2-32℃ or cool dry place. Keep away from heat and fire.
      ● Based on our experience the shelf life of SA2068 under above conditions is at least 2 years.

    5. Advisement
      ● When formulating SA2068, the gloss of coating will be determined by its concentration and the selected polyester resins. It is important to select matched resins.
      ● The powder coating formulated by SA2068 have a bit yellowing tendency and poor wet-thermal resistance.


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